No more plastic milk bottles with fresh milk kegs for Cafes in NZ

Kaipaki Dairies stainless steel milk tap and kegs for cafes Waikato New Zealand fresh milk


Fresh, cold milk can now be poured right next to your coffee machine through our stainless steel milk tap. Kaipaki Dairies has partnered with "the udderway" to tackle sustainability throughout the Waikato, Bay of Plenty and Auckland.

Our milk tap is designed to sit right next to your coffee machine. The milk is delivered in 18 litre reusable kegs that sit in your fridge (fits in most under the counter fridges). If your fridge is not under the counter, then we can install it where ever you keep your chilled goods.

When we deliver your new keg of fresh milk, we pick up the old kegs and take them back to the factory for cleaning.

On top of this, baristas will now be more productive with having a milk 'tap' right next to their work station. No more grabbing 2L milk bottles from in and out of the fridge.


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