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Sustainability is at our core

When you choose milk in glass bottles, you're making a sustainable and better choice for our environment.
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Milk Taps

Our milk tap is designed to sit right next to your coffee machine. The milk is delivered in 10L or 20L reusable pails that sit in your fridge. If your fridge is not under the counter, then we can install it wherever you keep your chilled goods.

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We tried a sample of Kaipaki Dairies milk and the flavour blew us away. The milk taste's amazing and we love filling up our glass bottles!
-Sam and Harriet
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Office Milk Delivery

Kaipaki Dairies delivers fresh milk in glass bottles weekly to business staff rooms and picks up the empty bottles on our next run. Our swap-a-bottle model has been tailored to meet the sustainability demands of your business. Our cows are milked daily and you will get premium whole milk delivered fresh to your business every week.

Make the move to no plastic bottles.

Milk direct to your business

Choose the sustainable option with Kaipaki Dairies. Our milk is delivered in reusable glass bottles using our swap-a-bottle model.

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Always the freshest

Kaipaki Dairies milk is delivered fresh from local farms

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Our Partners

With our partners, we are making a change to the way milk is distributed and dispensed. Join our family of partners and reduce your amount of plastic waste/consumption.
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