Milk Taps

Sustainable Packaging
Fresh from Local Farms
Single Use Plastic Free

A Sustainable Solution for Cafes

Fresh, cold milk can now be poured right next to your coffee machine through our stainless steel milk tap. Kaipaki Dairies has innovated the perfect solution to tackle sustainability in businesses through Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Auckland and Wellington.

Our milk tap is designed to sit right next to your coffee machine. The milk is delivered in 10L or 20L reusable pails that sit in your fridge. If your fridge is not under the counter, then we can install it wherever you keep your chilled goods.

When we deliver your new pail of fresh milk, we pick up the old pails and take them back to the factory for deep cleaning, sterilisation, and refilling.

Baristas will be more productive with having a milk tap right next to their workstation. No more grabbing 2L plastic bottles from the fridge!

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No more plastic milk bottles!

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How the Process Works

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Let us know if you're interested in our milk taps and we can get the process started!

Meet & Greet

We can meet you at your business, or you're welcome to visit the farm to see where the magic starts.


Our qualified milk tap installer will come to your business and install the milk tap. What's more, they'll also train your staff in using it!


We will deliver milk as required and swap out our reusable pails so you can keep those coffee pumping! Talk to us about the ordering app system we use.
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