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Milk in Glass Bottles
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A Commitment to Quality

Here at Kaipaki Dairies, we are committed to ensuring every bottle of milk we produce is the freshest and tastiest milk in New Zealand. To ensure the quality of our milk, it all starts at the farm with our cows never going a day hungry. Our farm supply currently sits in the top 2% of dairy production in New Zealand. The farm supplies milk all year round which means you get consistent, quality milk 365 days a year.


Each morning the milk is taken directly from the milking shed via an underground pipe to our factory. We utilise the latest technology to pasteurise the milk. It's then bottled and chilled straight away ready for delivery. This whole process from leaving the cow shed, to our chiller, takes no longer than 6 hours.

Just milk

We mean it when we say "there's nothing added and nothing taken away".

  • Test and proven by baristas for flavour, steaming and art making. It's the perfect combination for a flat white.
  • Full of flavour with nothing added and nothing taken away.
  • Processed and bottled on the same day the cows are milked.
  • Safe and pasteurised to ensure no nasty bugs in your milk.

Fresh from the Waikato


Bottles saved

Sustainability is at our core

When you choose milk in glass bottles, you're making a sustainable and better choice for our environment.

Milk Taps

Our milk tap is designed to sit right next to your coffee machine. The milk is delivered in 10L or 20L reusable pails that sit in your fridge. If your fridge is not under the counter, then we can install it wherever you keep your chilled goods.

Are you looking to introduce a more sustainable solution to your cafe? Get in touch with us today!

Office Delivery

Kaipaki Dairies delivers fresh milk in glass bottles weekly to business staff rooms and picks up the empty bottles on our next run. Our swap-a-bottle model has been tailored to meet the sustainability demands of your business. Our cows are milked daily and you will get premium whole milk delivered fresh to your business every week.

Make the move to no plastic bottles.
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