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Our Story

Kaipaki Dairies was founded in 2021 by John, Riley, and Claire.

The vision was to give New Zealanders access to premium dairy with sustainable packaging options. They believed that the way milk was distributed to cafes, hotels, and businesses needed to change and that Kiwis needed to taste real milk! Not the standardised, reduced milk we see in two-litre bottles through NZ.

They found a suitable site where they leased the processing equipment and space to get this company up and running. They started off selling products at the farmer's markets and very quickly customers fell in love with the delicious milk. Before they knew it, word of mouth got around about this tasty milk in a glass bottle!

They were fortunate enough to meet the Bardoul family, farmers who later became shareholders in the operation. The Bardouls have been farming on Kaipaki Road for over 25 years, on a lush, green 180-hectare block situated 15 minutes away from the Hamilton CBD. To maintain an all-year supply they have two Friesian herds that are in production for around 8-10 months.

Fast forward to 2023 and the newly established factory is now on the Bardouls' farm. The milking shed sends milk directly to the factory’s processing facility via a 100-metre underground stainless line.

With the incredible support of their customers (cafes, hotels, businesses, and supermarkets), they have been able to expand from Hamilton to the wider Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Wellington and now Auckland.

Shopping and consuming ‘sustainable’ is becoming more frequent in today’s society and is something John, Riley and Claire are extremely passionate about. Having now established a name for themselves, the focus of their business has shifted to growing it in Auckland and the wider North Island.

"Nothing added, and nothing taken away"

Our milk
Here at Kaipaki Dairies, we are committed to making sure every bottle of milk is the freshest, tastiest milk in New Zealand.

Full flavour with nothing added, and nothing is taken away. Just pure, good-quality milk.
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