Fresh from the Waikato

Here at Kaipaki Dairies we are committed to make sure every bottle of milk is the freshest, tastiest milk in New Zealand. To ensure the quality of our milk, it all starts at the farm. The cows don't go a day hungry and our farm supply currently sits in the top 2% for dairy production in New Zealand. The farm supply's milk all year round which means you get consistent milk 365 days a year.

Once the milk is picked up from the farm it's a short 2 minute drive to the factory to begin pasteurisation. We follow a simple, but strict process to guarantee the milk you receive is of the best quality. We simply heat the milk to 70 degree's to kill any bacteria and then it's cooled down for bottling, and that's it.

We mean it when we say "there is nothing added, and nothing taken away."

  • Tested and proven by barista's for flavour, steaming and art making. Its the perfect combination for a flat white.

  • Full of flavour with nothing added and nothing taken away.

  • Processed and bottled on the same day that the cows are milked

  • Safe and pasteurised to ensure no nasty bugs in your milk

Kaipaki Dairies Fresh Whole Bottled Milk Waikato NZ

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