The truth about recycling

We can agree, recycling is a lot better than rubbish going to landfill. However, every time we put our recycling into the recycling bin, do we really know wheres it going?  

A staggering 100 million plastic drink and milk bottles are going straight to landfill.

It then takes the plastic bottles 400 million years to decompose.

Our answer to the problem

Re-usable glass bottles

Sustainable Re-usable Glass Bottles Kaipaki Dairies Waikao New Zealand
Re-usable kegs

Sustainable Re-usable Milk Kegs Kaipaki Dairies Waikao New Zealand

Milk in glass bottles

When you choose milk in glass bottles, you're making the sustainable and better choice for our environment. It also helps add flavour to our premium milk. 

For glass to be the environmental player, it needs to be re-used as many times as possible. We invested significant capital into our factory to ensure thousands of glass bottles can be washed, clean and then re-used. 

Our swap-a-bottle scheme for businesses and customers allows everyone the opportunity to become an environmental player.  

Glass has many advantages over plastic bottles, however the reason milk companies shy away from glass is that plastic is cheaper to produce and easier to transport. 

You should know that every time your drinking fresh Kaipaki milk from glass bottles that your playing your part in saving the planet and making a better choice for the future.

Milk in re-usable kegs

Our keg delivery system was invented by Ed Crick in Tasmania, through his company

The kegs are used for our milk tap system that is rolling out through the Waikato, Bay of Plenty and Auckland regions.

A keg over its life time will save 7000 milk bottles from coming into production. Our goal is to have 2000 kegs in circulation which will save 14,000,000 milk bottles from being produced.


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